Keleti nyelvek és kultúrák szak, japán szakirány (BA) Japanológia mesterképzési szak (MA)

Dear Examinee!

The JLPT 2014 for which you have applied will be held on December 7, 2014.

Similar to previous years, the applications reached record number this year as well. This is a great honour for us, however at the same time, it has caused us difficulties in organising the exam.

Due to our classroom capacity, we are not able to held the exam for all the five levels in the building of our university. For this reason, level N2 – N3 – N4 will be held as follows:

The changes concern applicants with the following registration numbers:

  • N2.    14B7170101*20001- 14B7170101*20085   Room E2
  • N3.    14B7170101*30001- 14B7170101*30154   Room E3 and E4
  • N4.    14B7170101*40001- 14B7170101*40127   Room E1


Faculty of Law and Political Sciences
1088 Budapest, Szentkirályi str. 28-30.


















The above changes does not concern level N1 and N5!!!

Yours sincerely:

Zoltán MÁTÉ

university lecturer

Department of Japanese Studies

Károli Gáspár Univ. of the Reformed Church






Other important information:

  • The test will start at 11:30 a.m., however examinees need to arrive at the testing site no later than 11:00 a.m., so that the test administrators can check their ID. There is no need to arrive at the test place before 10:30 a.m., since the test rooms will be closed for making the arrangements.


レベルLevel 受験者集合時間Designated timefor assembling 言語知識(文字・語彙)Language Knowledge (Vocabulary) 言語知識(文法)・読解Language Knowledge (Grammar)・Reading 聴   解Listening
N2Level N2 11:00 11:30~ 13:15(105分/minutes) 13:45~ 14: 35(50分/minutes)
N3Level N3 11:00 11 :30 ~12:00(30分/minutes) 12:20~ 13:30(70分/minutes) 13:50~14:30(40分/minutes)
Level N4 11:00 11 : 30~ 12:00(30分/minutes) 12:20~ 13:20(60分/minutes) 13:40~14:15(35分/minutes)

Schedule for Each Hour on the Day of the Test


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