Tájékoztató az Oszaka Egyetem programjairól és az új on-line jelentkezésről

ou_head_pictureOsaka University on-line application for the 2010/2011 academic year

Osaka University is delighted to announce that their brand new on-line application form for the 2010/2011 academic year is just launched as below.

The new application system is cooperatively manufactured and managed by Osaka University and DISCO Co. Inc., customizing DISCO’s e-apply system.

In so doing, those who have PASS can use access e-apply through the university’s HPs and apply the course.


Application Instructions for students are below.

  1. Obtain a PASS from the student exchange officer.
  2. Visit the university’s online application website:


  1. Read information of each exchange programs and chose which program to apply for.
  2. Prepare for the documents well beforehand, such as personal information, JASSO GPA calculation, essay and research proposal referring guidelines of each program.
  3. Apply only for one program by using PASS.
  4. Fulfill the application form by copying/pasting from the documents you have prepared.
  5. Once you fill-out the form, click the submit button.
  6. Print-out the PDF forms, then fill-out the appropriate fields in your own hand writing and as your supervisor to sign the documents as well.
  7. Submit the application forms to the student exchange office with other necessary documents such as photo, recommendation letters, academic transcripts, TOEFL score, official bank letter or statement verifying sufficient funds and so on, and get the signature of JASSO Scholarship form by the student exchange officer, if applicable.

APPLICATION DEADLINES for autumn enrollment (October – March commencement):

March 20 – online exchange application due

March 30 – hardcopy of application forms and other supporting documents must arrive at International Student Affairs Division of Osaka University.

# Application deadline for spring enrollment (April – September commencement) is November 1.

Egyéb tájékozódási lehetőségek:

A Japanológia Tanszéken a tanszékvezetőnél (fogadóóra szerda 11-12), illetve a tanszéki adminisztrátornál

OUSSEP (English Speaking Program since 1996), International Student Center Osaka University:


Maple (Japanese language and Culture Program):


Regular Student Exchange (Tailor made programs):


Laboratory Experience for Engineering and Science students International Affairs Board, Osaka University: